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Olympus OMG W/ 50mm 1.8 S#1151060

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Bottom plate has a crack, doesn't affect the camera performance.*

The Olympus OMG (sometimes called the OM-G) is a 35mm film SLR camera, it's part of the classic Olympus OM system.  The OMG was effectively the USA market version of the camera the rest of the world knows as the Olympus OM20.  The OMG and OM20 (like the other two digit OM system cameras) were designed to be less expensive than the single digit line of OM-# cameras such as the OM-3 which were designed primarily for pros and advanced users.  While the OMG and OM20 don't have quite as extensive a feature set as their higher-end siblings they are very practical cameras and posses the core capabilities most users need (at a fraction of the price).

The OMG and OM20 offer Aperture Priority and Manual exposure modes of operation.  Unlike the Olympus OM10 which they replaced, the OMG & OM20 don't require a separate Manual Adapter for setting shutter speeds, there's a conventional shutter speed ring surrounding the lens mount.  The OMG features TTL-OTF (Through The Lens Off The Film) real time metering of both ambient and flash (requires a compatible flash unit like the T32).

Perhaps most importantly the OMG uses OM mount Olympus Zuiko lenses, a collection of remarkable optics in vast array of focal lengths.  If you're looking for a depth of field preview control, you'll find that on the lenses not the body.  Whether your a student looking for an affordable point of entry into the OM system or an enthusiast looking for another Olympus body, the OMG is a great option that leaves more in your budget for lenses.

Key Features

  • 35mm film SLR
  • Uses Olympus OM-mount interchangeable lenses
  • Fixed microprism/split image focusing screen
  • 93% viewfinder coverage
  • Center-weighted TTL-OTF light & flash metering
  • Full Manual and Aperture Priority exposure modes
  • Manual Shutter speeds from 1 to 1/1000th sec, Bulb
  • Electronically timed shutter (speeds as slow as 2 sec in Auto mode)
  • Exposure compensation in 1/3 stop increments
  • LED metering display with power saving auto-off
  • 1/60th sec flash sync
  • Built-in TTL hotshoe
  • P.C. Flash sync socket
  • 12 second electronic self-timer
  • Audible warning indicators
  • Requires two SR44/LR44 type batteries
  • Fairly compact, weighs just 15.2oz


Available accessories include: Olympus Motor Drive 1, Olympus Winder 2, Olympus Steady Grip Type 1 & 2, Olympus T Series flash units, OM Mount Zuiko lenses, your favorite 35mm film.